Wellness and Preventative Care

From the beginning to the end, having a veterinarian you can trust is essential. From puppy and kitty care to spaying and neutering to diet and wellness to senior care, we’re committed to being there for you and your pet each and every stage of their lives.
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We identify and treat dental pathology above and beneath the gum-line. With the use of modern equipment, we offer superior dental care, including dental cleanings and the removal of most oral tumors.
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General Surgery

In our dedication to the commitment to our clients and patients alike, we offer many general surgical procedures in-house. Included in these are bladder stone removal, spaying/neutering, splenectomy, foreign body removal, mass removal, laceration repair, and more. Depending on the complexity of the surgery needed, your pet may be referred to an outside board-certified veterinary surgeon.
Anesthetic plans are designed and implemented by our veterinarians, ensuring that all patients are monitored during their entire surgical visit. Heart rate, oxygen saturation, ECG, end-tidal CO2 concentration, respiration rate, blood pressure, and temperature are all monitored.
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Orthopaedic Surgery

Dr. Edward A Shelly has worked in orthopaedic surgery for nearly 30 years, perfecting a career specializing in the care of your dogs and cats. In most cases, we are able to treat your pet’s orthopaedic needs and send them on the path to recovery and a full return of function.
A series of cold laser therapy is included free of charge with all orthopaedic surgical cases.
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Laser Therapy

In order to best care for our patients, we offer cold laser therapy for a multitude of conditions. Cold laser therapy consists of utilizing light to stimulate tissue proliferation and blood circulation to a target site. Decreased recovery time, reduction in pain, and a quicker return to function are all potential benefits.
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During our hours of operation, we are capable of handling most emergencies. In the case of an emergency outside of regular business hours, patients will be directed to any of the 24 hour emergency clinics listed here:
Valley Central Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center (610) 435-1553
Rush Veterinary Urgent Care (Closes 12am) (610) 224-7874
Eastern Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Center (610) 904-1776
Quakertown Animal Hospital (215) 536-6245
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We offer all basic components of a full ophthalmology exam including retinal exams, fluoroscein staining, eye pressure measurement via TONOvet, and tear production measurement. Additionally, we offer surgical services including eye enucleation, corrective entropian surgery, eye laceration repair, and eyelid mass removal.
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Pharmacy and Food

We proudly stock a full pharmacy as well as work with both local and national compounding pharmacies to ensure your pet is receiving the best possible medications at the best price for you. We also stock both Hill’s and Royal Canin prescription pet foods and through Hill’s, we offer the convenience of home delivery service.
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Using modern digital X-ray technology, we have the ability to image and diagnose a plethora of diseases within our hospital as well as offer our radiology services for OFA certification, including hips, elbows, and knees. We have additional access to board certified radiologists by way of telemedicine. Basic ultrasonography is available both in-house and through the local practitioners we partner with.
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We are honored to work with superb local breeders with strong pedigrees and show records. We are pleased to offer our expertise to breeders of all scale and experience. From hormonal testing to breeding soundness exams, to artificial insemination, to cesarean-sections, to the early stages of your litter’s life.
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Pocket Pets

Though we specialize in dogs and cats, depending on the working clinician, we offer our services on a limited basis to rabbits, ferrets, rodents, and other pocket sized pets. Read More

Parasite Preventatives

Without being seen by our staff, your pet still has access to Seresto collars, Frontline, and Advantage II, available over the counter. Otherwise, we carry most prescription flea and tick medications and are happy to offer our recommendations.
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Laboratory Testing

With the exception of specialized testing that is available overnight with our out-of-house laboratory service, we offer in-house blood and urine testing.
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